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Rise & LEad Virtual Event

Rise & Lead was a 2 day event that was streamed live to Kellogg's staff all over the world. From the outset we knew that the design approach had to be dynamic, flexible, and, above all, easy to update quickly. We also needed to bring in live PowerPoint presentations, and callers, into the set, and have the environment react to the images without any post-production. Building a real-time virtual studio was the only solution that ticked all of those boxes. 

Initially, the presenters were to be filmed green-screen, and composited live, but we also knew that due to impending government restrictions, which were unannounced at the beginning of the project, that the design had to be robust enough to accommodate a different approach to bringing in the speakers if required. The real-time virtual set gave us the flexibility we needed to change not only the design, but the mechanics of the set, without having to worry about lengthy re-rendering processes.




Kelloggs Europe

Graphic Design:

Catherine Makin

3D Design, Texturing, Animation, and Programming:

Anthony Murphy

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