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Kellogg's Driving Growth

Set Design:

David Chandler and Twisted Image


Direction, Modelling, and Animation:

Anthony Murphy

Mapping, and Live Control:

Anthony Murphy

AV Suppliers:

Conference Services

For Kellogg's Diving Growth event the theme of disruption evolved into the idea of shattering old modes and models, making way for a bold new path through the media driven future.

Building from an existing corporate video I developed the theme to make full use of the set, which consisted of an LED wall flanked by two custom built, video mapped wings. The design transformed the wings into shards of glass through which the underlying content was refracted and reflected.

As we move from the '70s into the '00s screens were used to convey the shift in technology and the prevalence of media; three retro CRT televisions, with knobs and dials, become five cleaner CRT screens, before bombarding the audience with a wall of imagery coming from an entire wall of monitors, and finally shattering the LED wall, and displaying glitching, disrupted signal from the projectors to signify a lack of ability to rely on whatever has come before.

Part of the event was designed to mimic the Jeopardy game-show. An opening was created to look visually similar to an existing version of the show opening, and a wall was modeled to be used as an interactive backdrop with which the presented could select questions to be highlighted from the wall of screens.

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